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PARTY Like It's 1791 Wednesday, April 11
Philadelphia native and Quaker William Bartram published his first book, in 1791 (he wrote the first draft during the Revolutionary War) about his time in the American …
LOCAL and Independent Wednesday, April 11
From carefully harvested honeys, including a divine creamed honey (thanks, Bee Friends Farm) to locally made jewelry and art, and tasty Rice Krispy treats, these independent makers, designers and …
How Does Your GARDEN Grow Wednesday, April 11
The art show Of Ponderance and Muse is "steeped in the representational tradition, where blooms and birds act as signifiers for man's interaction with man while also using these symbols as a …
House GUESTS Wednesday, April 11
It's back! It's the 44th annual event that lets us look inside historic homes. So iron your linens and dust off your sun hats, and prepare for a leisurely stroll (sometimes a drive) through historic …
MSD's Strong Shade Game; Generation Reset; Elizabeth Smart's Revenge; Women Supporting Women (in Music)
Hemp Pimp Wednesday, April 11
Mitch McConnell does the right thing, for once
RENAISSANCE Woman Wednesday, April 11
The two most powerful recent interviews with Amanda Shires are from opposite ends of the journalism spectrum.
Like Mozart, But PUNK Wednesday, April 11
The band Descendents are punk rock royalty, akin to Chuck Berry's place in rock 'n' roll, Grandmaster Flash's position in hip hop and Mozart's role in classical music (Beethoven would be Black Flag).
Artist Jim Smith looks to the Future by looking to the Past
Judging by APPEARANCE Wednesday, April 11
There is art on the walls, more art leaning at angles beneath those pieces, and even art placed carefully on the ground.