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SAUCY TONGUES Wednesday, June 18
An historic, decades-old snit ended in May in the state of Tabasco, Mexico, where two men (now in their 70s) who were the very last living speakers of their village's Ayapaneco language resumed talking to each other, and through the efforts of …
WHAT DICKS! Wednesday, June 18
If tiny Iceland has a worldly cultural showcase, it's the Icelandic Phallological Museum, founded in Reykjavik in 1997 and housing 300 penises and penile parts from 93 different animals. So far, however, it lacks an exhibition-worthy human penis. …
Former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle, 30, was convicted in 2013 of conspiring to kidnap and torture — and then cook and eat the corpses of — an unspecified number of women he had listed on a website called, even though he insists …
HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME! Wednesday, June 18
Winston-Salem surgeon Stuart Meloy and associates recently won their patent for an "orgasm machine" (first mentioned in NOTW in 2001), allowing patient trials to begin soon by a Minnesota company. The often-described birth of the device came as Dr. …
THE CROSSROADS Wednesday, June 18
Alvin Brown's pension agreement is less a victory than an opening for opponents to take him down
DEMYSTIFYING ART Wednesday, June 18
A Cummer Museum exhibit breaks down biases through personal stories
SKEWED PRIORITIES? Wednesday, June 18
FSCJ just gave a bunch of its administrators big raises. Its underpaid professors hope they’re next
The stories behind Jacksonville’s first 50 homicides of 2014
THE NEW RETRO Tuesday, June 17
With few exceptions, bands that 'pay tribute' to a bygone era lack the musical acumen to render convincing genre-specific songs
Go Skateboarding Day, Ladies Arm-wrestling tournament, Steve-O, Vacation Club and St. Augustine Music Festival also rocking your week
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