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Flushing Another STINKER Wednesday, January 4
Jaguars limp their way to the off-season again
You Don't Know JACK Wednesday, January 4
Marlon Brando’s masterful ’60s Western finally gets a much-deserved reissue treatment
Out of STEP, in Perfect Time Wednesday, January 4
Ask nearly anyone in St. Augustine and you’ll get the same response: “Planet Sarbez is one of a kind.” Opened in late 2013 by Ryan Kunsch and Glenn Turbeville, two Flagler fine arts …
New Year, Same UNSTOPPABLE Game Wednesday, January 4
Get a taste of Paten Locke’s full 2017 plate at his Rain Dogs gig
Tempo HOUSE Wednesday, January 4
Ann Toebbe explores the universal emotional movements and rhythms of tenancy, reverie and time
Flavor FIESTA Wednesday, January 4
Local favorite still offers tasty, affordable Mexican fare
BEER Year's Resolutions Wednesday, January 4
Make 2017 into the year of beer!
Git Yer CLAWS Out Wednesday, January 4
Begin 2017 with the finest creature ever to crawl the ocean floor
The Force is STRONG in this One Wednesday, January 4
Davi pays homage to the beloved companion of a fallen star
Florida's Own STANDING ROCK Wednesday, January 4
The Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline is cutting through 13 Florida counties – is anyone paying attention?