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A SHOT IN THE DARK Wednesday, May 6
Ken Adkins’ curfew proposal ruffles feathers, but he doesn’t mind.
CELEBRATION Wednesday, May 6
The Oldest City gets to show off its creative side with the annual Romanza Festivale of the Arts. The 10-day event features more than 100 events, including a concert by José Feliciano …
Looking for something a little more raucous and downhome than your average theatrical experience? Using narration and live musical performances, the musical revue Ghost of the Blues recreates an old …
PLAY D’OH! Wednesday, May 6
What if George Orwell had envisioned a world in which Duff beer and doughnuts were hallmarks of a healthful diet? Oh, the mind reels. In Anne Washburn’s imaginative dark comedy Mr. Burns, A …
The Florida House and Senate may be in complete dysfunction, but Florida itself may benefit from their turmoil. With several bills still in limbo, the state’s House of Representatives packed up and adjourned three days before the session was to officially end on May 1.
INDIE FUNK Wednesday, May 6
Taking their name from a Godzilla-like creature from the ’90s animated series Rugrats, the Athens, Georgia-based group Reptar plays a funky-style indie rock that bubbles along on a blend of …
YOU’RE GLAMMIN’ ME Wednesday, May 6
The ’80s brought us epochal entertainment offerings like Suzanne Somers’ paradigm-shattering TV sitcom She’s the Sheriff and the existential ennui of Garfield, no cultural …
Brickbats + Bouquets Wednesday, May 6
05.06.15 | The WINs and FAILs of the Week
PRESSING REPLAY Wednesday, May 6
In last week’s column, I wrote of my love of female indie artists. The list is long, and includes a variety of songwriters and performers, but absent from that list was a female vocalist I …
The celebrated singer/songwriter rides the highs and lows to meld rich country-rock narrative and nuanced folk tradition