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The trippy rock favorites return to Northeast Florida
ART Wednesday, January 14
Illustrator-designer Karen Kurycki fuses humor and quirky compositional content with text and engaging washes of color. As a commercial artist, Kurycki’s notable clients include Nike, The …
PEOPLE WHO DIED IN 2014 Wednesday, January 7
We look back on notable Northeast Floridians who shuffled off their mortal coil last year
An interview with Adam Dukes and Bryce Pfanenstiel of Forge 3D Printing
With Mike Hogan out of the way, the former state GOP chair is racking up the dough and raking in endorsements
Educating our children doesn't have to be an either/or proposition
Love won out, but the haters (ahem, Ronnie Fussell) are still hating
A short list of artists who hail from Seattle might look something like this: Jimi Hendrix, Bikini Kill, Alice in Chains, Brandi Carlile, SunnO))) and … the Dusty 45s? OK, that's a very short list, as Seattle has been responsible for kicking …
GET THE POINT? Wednesday, January 7
En Garde! Fencing originated in 15th-century Spain as military training, but it soon developed into a dueling sport. With weapons of choice like the foil, saber and epée, the sport combines …
ROCK REUNION Wednesday, January 7
Back in 2000, local group Miseryhead formed out of the ashes of the then-post-grunge modern rock scene. Unlike many of their hard rock and metal peers who relied on sheer heaviness to generate song …