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PITCH IMPERFECT Wednesday, August 17
Stephen Frears’ latest is a hilarious, heartfelt tribute to one of the 20th century’s worst singers
CANNED PAM Wednesday, August 17
Local gay man reads the Attorney General the riot act
ZÖE, DANYA & MAMA BLUE REV IT UP Wednesday, August 17
A trio of actresses, Michael Wordly’s soothing voice, and humor lift Alhambra production
LOW & SLOW Wednesday, August 17
Miami trio Shroud Eater rise above standard metal taxonomy with a dark, heavy, sludge-inspired sound
MOMENT BY MOMENT Wednesday, August 17
Ava Mendoza and Jessica Pavone remain on the front lines of contemporary improvisation
COLLECT THEM ALL! Wednesday, August 17
SWING TIME Wednesday, August 17
Lyle Lovett & His Large Band
UNBROKEN CHAIN Wednesday, August 10
Ray LaMontagne flies high on his latest, truly psychedelic release, Ouroboros
THEY'LL FLY AWAY Wednesday, August 10
St. Augustine quartet Kenny & the Jets layer surf rock, tropical soul, and a commitment to their craft into delectable sonic dessert
DATA MANIPULATION Wednesday, August 10
Are police turning a blind eye to crime in Clay County to help Craig Aldrich’s campaign for sheriff?