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In a society where the pursuit of capital is engrained in us practically before the soft spots on our craniums harden, slogans are unavoidable. Many brands coin a catchy mantra even before they …
A KOGI WARNING Wednesday, October 7
From the Heart of the World showing at the Corazon
ANOTHER LOST SEASON? Wednesday, October 7
How the Jags gave away a must win game
BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS Wednesday, October 7
  BRICKBATS TO DAVID MING PON The Florida ophthalmologist was convicted of 20 counts of healthcare fraud, essentially ripping off Medicare for more than $7 million, according to The Florida …
STRUCK DOWN IN HER PRIME Wednesday, October 7
The unsolved murder of transgender activist Terrianne Summers
Said, "HE," Said, "SHE" Wednesday, October 7
Etiquette Guide: Passing, Privacy and PGPs (Preferred Gender Pronouns)
There are many serious issues facing the transgender community. Violence, unemployment and discrimination are rampant; access to medical care is a concern. Some local medical professionals will not …
RED MAGIC Wednesday, October 7
Ridley Scott launches into a career high mark with his latest sci-fi masterpiece
EPIC INVASION Wednesday, October 7
Hammer Films, today identified almost exclusively with seminal horror and genre movies of the ’50s and ’60s (like the Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee series of Dracula and Frankenstein …
HIGH AS A KITE Wednesday, October 7
Joseph Gordon-Levitt struts his stuff in this true-life daredevil of a tale