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Orlando band steps into the spotlight with their unique electronic-folk sound
Wherein Folio Weekly plays a one-sided game of cat-and-mouse to track down the guitar great
SYNTHS AND SENSIBILITY Wednesday, February 25
After driving around with my 8-year-old daughter listening to the recent four-song release from Jacksonville band Ursula, I asked her what she thought. "I liked ‘Hot Water' the least." "Got it," I said. "You didn't like ‘Hot Water.'" "No," …
ART Wednesday, February 18
The term Omphalos (Greek for navel) signifies various symbolic points that bridge the worldly and divine. Using this concept as a launching pad, Lauren Frances Evans and Jensen Hande were prompted to …
Dr. Dr. Herbert M. Barber Jr. (that’s not a typo) thinks the country’s going to hell, really dislikes the “ugly,” “entitled” poor, and — oh yeah — thinks Obama is “more anti-American than any ten thousand terrorists.”
The Jacksonville City Councilwoman and the Much Ado About...Something
The local musician is a master at creating vast, weird sonic landscapes
Gather round, kids. Park your bicycles here in this specified lot set well off from the road, and take off your bike helmets and other bike-safety equipment. Today's story is called "On the Jungle Path, Size Does Matter." By the law of the …
The annual exhibit of works by local African-American artists continues to show fresh, inventive art
As one of the hardest-working musicians 
 on the planet, Sweden-born Osborne 
 has collaborated with a riverboat-load of artists. He's worked with Galactic founding member Stanton Moore and slide master Sonny Landreth. Osborne has toured with …