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GEMINI: Oct. 29-Nov. 4 Wednesday, October 29
In an episode of the animated sci-fi TV sitcom Futurama, Leela, the mutant spaceship captain, develops an odd boil on her hindquarters. It has a face and can sing. The actor who provides the vocals for the animated boil’s outpouring of song is Gemini comedian Craig Ferguson, whose main gig is serving as host of a late-night TV talk show on CBS. Telling you this tale is my way of suggesting that you consider going outside your usual niche, as Craig Ferguson did, to offer your talents in a different context.
TAURUS: Oct. 29-Nov. 4 Wednesday, October 29
It’s urgent that you expand your options. Your freedom of choice can’t lead you to where you need to go until you have more possibilities to choose from. In fact, you’re better off not making a decision until you have a wider selection.
And they have for a long, long time.
They probably won’t win, but they’re running nonetheless — and we’re giving them a chance to make their voices heard
Tripped out music maverick upends traditional country with a groovy, idiosyncratic, psychedelic take
His latest release, Stellar Motel, blends innovative hip-hop with the NYC singer-songwriter's signature style
VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 2 Wednesday, October 29
Don’t listen to the prudes and professional scolds
And not just because Kurt Cobain was (maybe) their roadie
The latest theatrical production at Flagler College offers an entertaining look at an overlooked moment in American history
Current exhibit at The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is a savvy collection of pieces by notable designers
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