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MUSIC & MENTORS Wednesday, April 22
A few weeks ago, a musician friend of mine named Chance released an album that includes a song written in tribute to his lifelong mentor, Ron Feldman, who died in the fall of last year from brain cancer. Ron, an Orlando-based voice and music …
Drummer Paul Bostaph's rhythmic pummel helps push the metal gods into their third decade of metal fury
SAVORY SAMPLES Wednesday, April 22
Bon appétit! The 19th annual A Taste of St. Augustine offers foodies, gourmands and just us hungry folks samples of foods from 20 St. Augustine restaurants vying for the prestigious TOStA …
THRASHING ABOUT Wednesday, April 22
An event that Folio Weekly likes to call “The One Spark of Metal,” the mighty Welcome to Rockville offers two days of metal, alt-metal, hard rock and just flat-out loud music …
COMEDY Wednesday, April 22
Diminutive dynamo and hilarious funnyman Kevin Hart first cut his teeth in the comedy clubs of Philly, where he honed an act that he’s now crafted into an onstage delivery aimed at his …
ALEISTER CROWLEY’S GNOSTIC MASS“Kiernan, quit fiddling with your black cloak!” Although “The Great Beast” Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a pioneering occultist, …
MEET WHAT YOU EAT Wednesday, April 22
Hands-on horticulture programs help kids become aware about what goes on their plates
GETTING DIRTY Wednesday, April 22
The benefits of outdoor education are seen in and out of the classroom
Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Frozen
Brickbats + Bouquets Wednesday, April 22
04.22.15 | The WINs and FAILs of the Week