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ARIES: November 26-December Wednesday, November 26
What exactly do you believe in? What’s your philosophy of life? Do you think most people are basically good and you can have a meaningful life if you just work hard and act kind? Do you believe evil, shapeshifting, kitten-eating extraterrestrials have taken on human form and are impersonating political leaders who control our society?
The acclaimed photographer captures otherworldy moments of the journey through childhood
'Twas the Holy Grail for musicians of any stripe, the thing they worked their collective ass off to achieve, the thing by which they measured all other milestones. Roughly from the '50s until the late '90s, the thing desired most by career musicians …
The Northeast Florida scion of soul legends performs at The Ritz Theatre & Museum
The recent sexual assault allegations of the formerly-beloved comedian could tarnish Brown's public image
CHOICE FOR CHOICE'S SAKE Wednesday, November 26
Let's at least have an honest debate about charter schools and vouchers
A Clay County private eye thinks he solved the controversial mystery of the St. Augustine woman’s supposed suicide.
I’ve always loved science fiction. Among the earliest novels I remember reading were Andre Norton’s Star Man’s Son (reprinted as Daybreak 2250 A.D.) and The Stars Are Ours! …
PISCES: November 19-25 Wednesday, November 19
Piscean actor Sir Michael Caine has had an illustrious career. He’s won two Oscars and been nominated for the award six times over five decades. For his role in Jaws: The Revenge, he was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor.
AQUARIUS: November 19-25 Wednesday, November 19
Denmark has been a pioneer in developing technology to supply its energy needs with wind power. By 2020, it expects to generate half its electricity from wind turbines. Recently, the Danish climate minister announced his nation’s intention to phase out the use of coal as an energy source within 10 years.
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