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The End of Marriage? Wednesday, February 12
A local attorney says that despite all the GOP rhetoric about the importance of matrimony, the Florida Legislature is poised to hasten its demise
SCORPIO: April 9-15 Tuesday, April 8
The second-largest planet of Saturn has been in the sign of Scorpio since October 2012; it’ll be there through 2014, making another visit June-September 2015. Some astrologers see Saturn as the …
SAGITTARIUS: April 9-15 Tuesday, April 8
In college, I took an intermediate painting class. Our first assignment was to imitate an old master. I chose Flemish painter Pieter Breugel the Elder (1525-’69). I worked on reproducing his …
CAPRICORN: April 9-15 Tuesday, April 8
Capricorn author J.R.R. Tolkien spent 14 years working on The Lord of the Rings. He never learned the 10-finger typing method, relied solely on his two index fingers to produce more than 1,200 pages. …
AQUARIUS: April 9-15 Tuesday, April 8
“The truth’s superb surprise,” wrote poet Emily Dickinson, may be “too bright for our infirm delight.” Sometimes we’ve got to be careful about articulating what’s really going on. …
On His Own Wavelength Wednesday, February 12
Literate lyricism and a singular voice allow this Minnesota singer-songwriter to create a niche
PISCES: April 9-15 Tuesday, April 8
Here’s my report on your progress. You’re not struggling to embody a delusional state of perfection as it’s imagined by others. Rather, you’re becoming an ever-more soulful version of your …
PUGILISM Tuesday, April 8
16th annual GUNS ’N’ HOSES
THE SIXTIES Tuesday, April 8
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