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AQUARIUS: May 28-June 3 Wednesday, May 28
Now’s a great time to dream up five new ways to have fun. There’s nothing wrong with your current methods. It’s just that in the next few weeks, life conspires to help you drop some …
Quentin Tarantino’s claim that the Israeli thriller Big Bad Wolves was the best movie of 2013 is patently absurd, but at least it drew attention to a movie that might otherwise have been …
Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find a pretty great piece on Florida’s in-the-starter-blocks medical marijuana industry, which is gearing up in the likely (according to polls) event that …
AS GOOD AS YOU DESERVE Wednesday, April 30
Why TV news is really terrible
IN DEFENSE OF RICK SCOTT Wednesday, April 30
The letter in the April 16 Folio Weekly regarding Rick Scott [“Diversions,” Ted Mikalsen] is strictly speculation. If Gov. Scott was believed to be guilty of committing …
Cindy Laquidara announced last week that she’s resigning her job as the city of Jacksonville’s chief attorney to take a private-sector gig (she’ll start at Ackerman Senterfitt in …
LEO: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
According to an ancient Greek myth, Sisyphus keeps pushing a boulder up a steep hill only to lose control of it just before he reaches the top, watching in dismay as it tumbles to the bottom. After each failure, he lumbers back down where he started and starts rolling it up again – and fails again.
VIRGO: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
Many of America’s founding fathers believed slavery was immoral, but they owned slaves and ordained the institution of slavery in the U.S. Constitution. They didn’t invent hypocrisy, of course, but theirs was an especially tragic version. In comparison, the hypocrisy you express is mild. Nevertheless, working to minimize it is a worthy task.
SAGITTARIUS: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
In the Inuktitut language of in northern Canada, the term iminngernaveersaartunngortussaavunga means “I should try not to become an alcoholic.” Have fun saying that a lot in the days ahead. Be playful and light-hearted as you wage war against your addictive tendencies...
CAPRICORN: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
Percival Lowell (1855-1916), an influential astronomer who launched the exploration that led to the discovery of Pluto, made some big mistakes. Gazing at Venus through his telescope, he swore he saw spokes emanating from a central hub on the planet’s surface. We now know Venus is shrouded in such thick cloud cover, no surface features are visible.
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