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Hemp Pimp Wednesday, April 11
Mitch McConnell does the right thing, for once
RENAISSANCE Woman Wednesday, April 11
The two most powerful recent interviews with Amanda Shires are from opposite ends of the journalism spectrum.
Like Mozart, But PUNK Wednesday, April 11
The band Descendents are punk rock royalty, akin to Chuck Berry's place in rock 'n' roll, Grandmaster Flash's position in hip hop and Mozart's role in classical music (Beethoven would be Black Flag).
Artist Jim Smith looks to the Future by looking to the Past
Judging by APPEARANCE Wednesday, April 11
There is art on the walls, more art leaning at angles beneath those pieces, and even art placed carefully on the ground.
Livestock & Dreams Wednesday, April 11
It may come as no surprise that animals have an increasing presence in therapeutic care for kids with special needs. After all, most humans have experienced some form of animal therapy: Cuddle a …
The Sign Lady Wednesday, April 11
Jax Beach's Sonja Fitch uses her fence to spread an anti-Trump message—earning both ire and love from neighbors
Demotion Bonus Wednesday, April 11
At the University of North Florida, former administrators who join the faculty can make tens of thousands of dollars more for doing the same work
The Fall Guys: Parker and McElroy Wednesday, April 11
Two broken crowns and no meaningful change
Jax beach dining scene heats up