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The artists explore their years-long creative partnership through the realm of myth
TONAL VISION Wednesday, October 8
Legendary avant-garde composer Phill Niblock brings his multimedia experience to 5 Points
Nashville sextet defies scuzzy stereotypes
Years in the making, the Jacksonville rock opera explores a unique era of local history
Singer-songwriter's latest releases are strong additions to the Americana scene
Everything you need to know to enjoy the best time of year in Northeast Florida
Journeyman jazz drummer John Betsch comes home to Northeast Florida for a very special gig
ARIES: September 10-16 Wednesday, September 10
In the 2000 film Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays an American FedEx executive stranded alone on a remote Pacific island after he survives a plane crash. A few items from the plane wash up on shore, including a volleyball. He draws a face on it and names it “Wilson,” creating a companion who becomes his confidant for the next four years. Enlist an ally like Wilson next week.
Along with blunt-force rock and unforgiving attitude, these Texas ragers bring plenty of nuance and ambition to the table
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Should Jacksonville City Council President Clay Yarborough get to decide what’s art and what’s porn?
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