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Years in the making, the Jacksonville rock opera explores a unique era of local history
Everything you need to know to enjoy the best time of year in Northeast Florida
Journeyman jazz drummer John Betsch comes home to Northeast Florida for a very special gig
ARIES: September 10-16 Wednesday, September 10
In the 2000 film Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays an American FedEx executive stranded alone on a remote Pacific island after he survives a plane crash. A few items from the plane wash up on shore, including a volleyball. He draws a face on it and names it “Wilson,” creating a companion who becomes his confidant for the next four years. Enlist an ally like Wilson next week.
Along with blunt-force rock and unforgiving attitude, these Texas ragers bring plenty of nuance and ambition to the table
Last year, the city averted a lawsuit by promising to spend money to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This year, City Council has zero-funded ADA compliance
Hailing simultaneously from deep outer space and backwoods Alabama (good luck getting bars in either), with a sound more reflective of the former, Daikaiju (Japanese for “Giant Monster”) …
A while back, I saw a group of to-me-
 unknown musicians open for one of my 
 favorite bands, The Aristocrats. I couldn't decide whether I loved them or merely appreciated their approach to progressive metal. Last month, I watched them open for …
Big Drippers Wednesday, May 15, 2013
The Top 50 feeding from the faucet
They probably won’t win, but they’re running nonetheless — and we’re giving them a chance to make their voices heard
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Who is the scariest person in Northeast Florida?
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