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SAY WHAT? Wednesday, August 13
The Alaskan government is scrambling to fulfill its obligation to welcome native communities' votes on a state tax resolution in August. That means paying translators (at up to $50 a hour) to set out the measure for communities using the languages …
SAGITTARIUS: October 10-14 Wednesday, October 8
In a competitive Japanese TV game show, 13 people had slabs of meat tied to their foreheads. They poked their heads up through holes in the floor of an elevated platform, where a hungry lizard was. But not one contestant stuck around when the lizard nibbled the meat; they all ducked down and fled. That was probably wise, though it meant the prize was unclaimed.
NOT MY FAULT Wednesday, August 13
Tom Lakin is challenging State Farm in a St. Clair County, Illinois, courtroom, claiming the sexual abuse he was convicted of was "unintentional" and therefore his homeowners' insurance ought to have covered any claims by the victim. State Farm, and …
CAPRICORN: October 10-14 Wednesday, October 8
Director Michael Bay makes big, loud, fast, melodramatic action films, including Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and the four Transformers movies. The critics hate him, but he’s unfazed. “I make movies for teenage boys,” he says. “Oh, dear, what a crime,” he adds sarcastically. I love that. He knows what he’s good at, and makes no apologies. Cop some of that attitude now.
REDNECK CHRONICLES Wednesday, August 13
A man was hospitalized in Shreveport, in June after he was blown away by a wind gust as he held onto a mattress in the bed of a pickup truck on I-49. He suffered road burn and fractures.
The St. Johns Sheriffs Office cannot be trusted
AQUARIUS: October 10-14 Wednesday, October 8
Walking in San Francisco, I passed Pacific Heights Health Club. The sign out front said, “Birthday suits tailored here.” It was a witty reference to the idea that working out at a gym helps people get their bodies in good shape. I’d like to interpret the message a different way, and apply it to you.
HOOSEGOW NOOKIE Wednesday, August 13
In July, Italian news agency ANSA reported Italy's San Vittore prison in Milan is scheduling regular "happy hour" socials for female inmates — catered, with alcohol, and with "external" guests welcome, to the displeasure of the prison guards' …
PISCES: October 10-14 Wednesday, October 8
Horror novelist Stephen King has sold more than 350 million books. When he was young and destitute, still honing his craft, his self-confidence was low. His breakthrough work was Carrie, about a teenage girl who develops telekinetic powers. When he was first writing that manuscript on an old manual typewriter, he got so discouraged he threw his first draft in the trashcan.
NEW WORLD ORDER Wednesday, August 13
Among the foods "you wouldn't even eat if trapped on a desert island" in a May London Daily Mirror item: canned cheeseburger (Germany), canned whole chicken (Sweet Sue brand of USA), canned peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Mark One Foods of USA), …
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