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The Power Meter Wednesday, July 15
POWER DOWN: UNCONSTITUTIONAL CARTOGRAPHYOn Thursday, July 9, the Florida Supreme Court nixed a congressional redistricting map drawn largely by the legislature's Republicans, ruling that the …
The Power Meter Wednesday, July 15
POWER DOWN: DEVIL-MAY-CARE GUN OWNERSOver the Fourth of July weekend, 8 guns were stolen from the vehicles of 6 different gun owners in Northeast Florida. Many of the owners claimed they locked …
For voters in Florida, gerrymandering nearly killed democracy
It’s real, in Jacksonville and beyond
WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S Wednesday, July 22
During the few years I spent on the WEST Coast, I would occasionally duck into a bar early on a Sunday around 10 a.m. to catch a few snaps of my hometown National Football League squad. Inevitably, …
THE CITY IS BROKE Wednesday, June 24
Curry’s transitional budget meetings hit a few potholes
It’s all about anniversaries at The Florida Theatre
ON THE RIGHT TRACK? Wednesday, July 29
Is vocational training the answer?
Anticipating the September release of Cooties, the horror-comedy starring Rainn Wilson and Elijah Wood as elementary school teachers fighting a horde of zombie pre-teens, I decided to revisit three earlier films that also deal with homicidal kids. Though these films are quite good, not one of them is even remotely funny.
UNLOCKED AND LOADED Wednesday, July 29
Proper gun storage is an issue in Duval County