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Local musician jack ringca's had a tough few years. He's lost 15 people who were close to 
 him, including his mom, Candace, in 2011 after being her long-time caregiver. "My songs have gone from being heavy in social commentary and politics to …
The Bayou-based bluesman returns to Northeast Florida
The Brits are so wildly successful, they won't even talk to us about it
The Northeast Florida scion of soul legends performs at The Ritz Theatre & Museum
The enigmatic artist will paint in the museum while the public watches
And can they make Jesus relevant to the Millennial Age?
DEVIL'S ADVOCATE Wednesday, October 8
Back in the mid-90s, there was a vibrant underground scene in Jacksonville. Well, as underground as it can get in this Northeast Florida burg we call home. Dante’s Inferno, Spike’s Dog …
'Twas the Holy Grail for musicians of any stripe, the thing they worked their collective ass off to achieve, the thing by which they measured all other milestones. Roughly from the '50s until the late '90s, the thing desired most by career musicians …
Despite the many broken promises made over the years, Jacksonville City Council member Bill Bishop writes that there is a pathway to a prosperous future for the troubled area
Or, has the city really turned the corner on generations of broken promises to its poor neighborhoods, or is Alvin Brown just looking for votes?
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