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Life Is Too Long Wednesday, March 26
Among the websites whose stunning visual sophistication lies in stark contrast to their marginal importance in the world is "Carpets for Airports," apparently still the go-to site for viewing and judging worldwide air terminal floor coverings. …
Jan. 22-28 Live Music Calendar Tuesday, January 21
What's coming up at Northeast Florida clubs, bars and concert venues
Florida Selfies Wednesday, March 26
Spencer Toner, 79, was arrested for indecent exposure in a McDonald's parking lot in January in Bonita Springs, after a complainant said Toner was watching pornography on a laptop computer and masturbating (a downside of McDonald's early-on, …
Jan. 22-28 Arts Calendar Tuesday, January 21
What's coming up at Northeast Florida galleries, museums, theaters and more
Keep the Straws Out of the St. Johns Wednesday, February 26
The real problem with Florida's water supply is use, not supply
ARIES: March 26-April 1 Tuesday, March 25
  I’ve coined a new word just for your horoscope this week. “Zex,” short for “zen sex,” is a kind of sex in which your mind is at rest, empty of all thought. You …
TAURUS: March 26-April 1 Tuesday, March 25
In Somalia, there’s a law that forbids one from putting used chewing gum on one’s nose and walking around in public. Fortunately, you don’t live there, so it’s fine if you want to do that. Go …
The Big Hollywood Conspiracy Wednesday, January 22
Plato considered artists dangerous. Maybe he had a point
GEMINI: March 26-April 1 Tuesday, March 25
Tata Massage is a San Francisco salon that offers an unusual beauty treatment: face-slapping. Thai masseuse Tata claims to be improving your complexion as she smacks your cheeks and forehead with her …
‘Her’s’ New Urbanist Dystopia Wednesday, January 22
Scarlett Johansson plays an operating system in this existential romantic comedy. You’ll love her anyway
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