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READY AND ABEL Wednesday, September 16
In a career that has so far careened through a variety of controversial films (Bad Lieutenant, The King of New York), independent director Abel Ferrara fashioned what might well be one of his best …
ARE THE SHIPYARDS READY, YET? Wednesday, September 16
Last week, I was in San Francisco, a city in which I spent the majority of my 20s trying to make enough money to keep pace with soaring rent prices. Though the vistas remain unmatched and the energy …
The Power Meter Wednesday, July 15
POWER DOWN: UNCONSTITUTIONAL CARTOGRAPHYOn Thursday, July 9, the Florida Supreme Court nixed a congressional redistricting map drawn largely by the legislature's Republicans, ruling that the …
The Power Meter Wednesday, July 15
POWER DOWN: DEVIL-MAY-CARE GUN OWNERSOver the Fourth of July weekend, 8 guns were stolen from the vehicles of 6 different gun owners in Northeast Florida. Many of the owners claimed they locked …
ENTER THE DRAGON Wednesday, September 16
Jacksonville Dragon Boat Club coach Marty hopes team can breathe fire on the competition
ONE MAN'S VIEW FROM THE STREETS Wednesday, September 16
Military veteran blogs about his experiences of homelessness
WITH GUS, WE BUST? Wednesday, September 16
When does the Three-Year Plan bear fruit?
BEYOND THE PALE ALE Wednesday, August 19
For local craft breweries, the beer isn’t just about what’s in the can
HOORAY FOR HEMMING? Wednesday, August 19
Why Matt Schellenberg was right
For voters in Florida, gerrymandering nearly killed democracy