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For 60-plus years, the Lightner Museum – founded by Chicago publisher Otto Lightner and later dedicated to the city of St. Augustine – has offered one of the Southeast’s premier …
PISCES: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
If you go to an American doctor to be treated for an ailment, odds are he or she will interrupt you no more than 14 seconds into your description of what’s wrong. Do not tolerate this kind of disrespect in the days ahead – not from doctors or anyone.
FIRST COAST MUSIC FEST Wednesday, August 27
Got some smokin’ plans for Labor Day Weekend? If not, the second-annual New Leaf First Coast Music Fest has you covered. Touted as the largest original music festival in Jacksonville, the event …
It’s refreshing when an outfit discards self-conscious stage presence and overproduction and just plays loud, energetic music in about any joint on the power grid. Combining loose, expressive …
A university colleague complained to me last year about her frustration when trying to show a movie to her humanities class. The film was The Swimmer, a 1968 feature based on a famous short story by …
WHEN CHEATERS PROSPER Wednesday, August 27
Elections are too important a business to be left in the hands of the self-interested.
SPOILER ALERT Wednesday, August 6
To be anything more than a 
none-of-the-above candidate, 
Adrian Wyllie will have to 
overcome the Libertarian brand
PERSPECTIVE Wednesday, August 6
Jeff Mizanskey, 61, is a poster child for one well-known criticism of mandatory-minimum sentencing laws — that nonviolent marijuana users (and small-time sellers) may wind up doing decades of hard time and in fact more time than some sociopathic …
WEIRD OLD WORLD Wednesday, August 6
Unconventional Food Prep: Leaked photographs taken by an undercover health and safety officer at China's Tongcheng Rice Noodle Factory in Dongguan city in June show workers in street clothes casually walking back and forth atop piles of vermicelli …
ARIES: October 1-7 Wednesday, October 1
As I hike through the wilderness at dusk, crickets always seem to be humming in the distance. No matter where I go, their sound is farther off, never up close. How can that be? Do they move away as I approach? No leaping insects in the underbrush.
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