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The New Orleans native comes to town to help you shake that ass and free that mind
Should we be excited about tax dollars padding corporate profits?
SCORPIO: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
In your dreams, you may travel to Stockholm, Sweden to accept a Nobel Prize, or Hollywood to pick up an Oscar. There’s a good chance that in your sleepy-time adventures you’ll finally score with the hot babe who rejected you in high school, or go to the scene of your biggest mistake and do things right this time.
SAGITTARIUS: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
Lake Superior State University issues a “Unicorn Questing Privilege” to those interested in hunting for unicorns. Are you one? You may feel an urge like that in the weeks ahead. Unusual yearnings well up. Exotic fantasies replace habitual daydreams.
Since its inception in 2012, the annual Great Ponte Vedra Paddle has become one of the largest standup paddleboarding events on the East Coast, last year drawing 225 competitors and some 500 …
CAPRICORN: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
Your ethical code may soon be tested. What will you do if you see a chance to get away with a minor sin or petty crime no one will ever find out about? What if you’re tempted to lie, cheat or deceive to advance your good intentions and hurt others a little bit or not at all? Be honest about what’s really at stake.
What’s life like as a professional cyclist?
Community is important, especially when you’re in need – financially, emotionally, or just to throw a hella-awesome benefit dance party. Come shake what your momma gave you and peep the …
How I got a juror booted and caused an uproar
AQUARIUS: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
“The thorn arms the roses,” goes an old Latin motto. Astrological omens suggest you’ll be wise to muse on that in the weeks ahead. How should you interpret it? Draw your own conclusions.
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