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Anti-Social MEDIA Wednesday, April 19
The stairs lead up to an outdoor balcony. On that balcony sits a very large cage and in that cage sits a large cat, basking in the spring sunlight. “Oh, he loves it in there. And if we …
Two to TANGO Wednesday, May 31
Dust off that gaucho hat and those purple leather assless chaps! The Florida Chamber Music Project presents its Spring Gala, with tango music by the string quartet, tango dance instruction, heavy …
Geared up for a GOOD Time Wednesday, April 19
The 13th annual Katie Ride—cycling, running and walking—is for a very good cause. David and Susan Caples started the foundation after their 17-year-old daughter Katie died in an …
The PIGSKIN Within Wednesday, May 31
Avoid this lovely albeit muggy springtime weather, soak up some A/C and enjoy some indoor football this weekend when our very own National Arena League (NAL) team, the Jacksonville Sharks, take a …
President Trump’s administration has been rough on America’s comedians
Post-Apocalypse NOW Wednesday, May 31
In the world of metal, Otep Shamaya remains a game-changer. Since 2000, she’s been leading the LA-based band that bears her name. She and the band have survived catchphrases like “nu …
MURDEROUS Intent 4 days ago
Christopher Smith’s Detour is a savvy neo-noir flick driven by an inventive plot and camera work
DEAR Friend 4 days ago
Arizona dream-pop group Koleżanka float in on cloud of intimate ambience and ethereal intensity
BARDcore 4 days ago
The Complete Works of William Shakesspeare (abridged)
When SATIRE Goes Wrong! Wednesday, June 7
“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” — Abraham Lincoln