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An interview with Adam Dukes and Bryce Pfanenstiel of Forge 3D Printing
Educating our children doesn't have to be an either/or proposition
With Mike Hogan out of the way, the former state GOP chair is racking up the dough and raking in endorsements
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Florida Selfies Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Spencer Toner, 79, was arrested for indecent exposure in a McDonald's parking lot in January in Bonita Springs, after a complainant said Toner was watching pornography on a laptop computer and masturbating (a downside of McDonald's early-on, …
PEOPLE WHO DIED IN 2014 Wednesday, January 7
We look back on notable Northeast Floridians who shuffled off their mortal coil last year
The debate over Florida schools demands facts, not ideology
A couple months back, to illustrate a cover story on how local churches were adapting their message and presentation to the millennial age, our art director, Shan Stumpf, gave a hipsterish makeover …
NELSON CUBA, LIBRE Thursday, January 15
The disgraced former head of the police union gets a slap on the wrist
In Jacksonville, the battle for true equality is just getting started