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Brickbats + Bouquets Wednesday, April 29
04.29.15 | The WINs and FAILs of the Week
NEGLECTING THE SHRED Wednesday, April 29
Brace yourself. I’m about to say something extremely contentious.
EMBARK Wednesday, April 29
I stepped onto the deck of the Jacksonville Water Taxi feeling right proud of my deft maneuvering when a loud, “Welcome Aboard!” stopped me. It came from a fellow slouched in the first seat, who greeted me with a big goofy grin and bright eyes shaded in oversized sunglasses. I figured him to be just another passenger; he didn’t quite have that nautical snap. Multiple strands of Mardi Gras beads dangled around his neck, partially covering the logo of a white Jacksonville Arena T-shirt, at least four sizes too big for him. On his head he’d fixed a Jacksonville Suns ball cap in primary sunny yellow, turned backwards. If we went down, I don’t think he’d be much help. He moved with the staccato push-pull of someone with cerebral palsy; the fingers of his hands were twisted permanently into his palms, like he was holding a rope.
HIGHBROW HORROR Wednesday, May 6
True or not, it makes for a great anecdote. Seeking money to make his first (and only) English-language film, Polish director Andrzej Zulawski supposedly pitched the project to Paramount head Charles Bluhdorn as “a film about a woman who fucks an octopus.”
Other than party insiders, most who follow politics met Mayor Brown’s big HRO announcement with an appropriate proverbial shrug. The mayor’s move to solicit a study — to be …
CURATE YR IDOLS Friday, June 5
From the Editor
OCD AND LSD IN THE USA Wednesday, June 10
Don’t worry, baby, Brian Wilson biopic covers bad trips and good vibrations of the legendary musician’s life
INDIE FUNK Wednesday, May 6
Taking their name from a Godzilla-like creature from the ’90s animated series Rugrats, the Athens, Georgia-based group Reptar plays a funky-style indie rock that bubbles along on a blend of …
VENICE THE MENACE Wednesday, June 10
For those of you contemplating a summer vacation abroad to the canals, restaurants, and sights of beautiful Venice, let me recommend two terrific films set in the Italian landmark that you’ll …