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The MONEY Shot Wednesday, October 4
Weapons manufacturers are not that innocent
Drop that BEAT Wednesday, August 23
Lupe Fuentes
Here KITTY, Kitty Wednesday, October 4
New album, new sound, new life: Kitty is ready
Kicking Against the PRICKS Wednesday, October 4
Delbert McClinton is too busy making good music to care about all the BS
Too Much is NEVER Enough Wednesday, August 30
The joy of desirelessness
What Political CONSULTANTS Do Wednesday, August 30
And why the smart pols have them
My White Supremacist 'FRIEND' Wednesday, August 30
A one-sided confrontation with a Confederate sympathizer
Take it All or MAKE it All Thursday, October 5
In his meticulously researched book, Stamped from the Beginning, Kendi formulated a clear and simple idea of what constitutes a racist idea and applied that to various people, time periods and …
As one of Jacksonville’s most talented, clever and jazz-influenced up-and-coming rappers, geeXella—pronounced jee (hard e) ella—always tries to be authentic and true to herself, …