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The changing face of white nationalism has been a popular topic among the liberal media, which can never resist an opportunity to give the rub to their …
Get a delightful respite from the summer sweat at craft breweries
Democrats predict sweeping elections in November … but maybe only they can screw it up
Mind the Way 5 days ago
For poets, there's space between performance and printing. Mainly, one imagines, because the ineffability of a poem, when tied to the page can, at times, feel too solid, like something inert.
Life's A... 5 days ago
There's lots to know about NEFLa's beaches' special environment. A ranger guides the walk, discussing "restless sand," coquina, dune flowers, seabirds and shells-you may even see one of nature's most …
Rain or Shine 5 days ago
A-pickin' and a-grinnin', as well as singin', strummin', dancin'-country music non-pareil in NEFLa, this outdoor festival by the sea is an all-day event that'll get your boots stompin' or your flips
Juneteenth is the annual celebration of the freeing of enslaved people in Texas on June 19, 1865 ... word traveled slowly of General Robert E. Lee's April 9, 1865 surrender.
Stylish Execution 5 days ago
For those who enjoy horror films executed with style and originality, I'll discuss three fairly recent efforts you may have missed.
Waking Dream 5 days ago
Underneath the effervescence of La Luz's effervescent surf-rock lies an electrical charge-a roiling undercurrent of global pop and psychedelia that's both haunting and heartbreaking.
Blaze of Glory 5 days ago
Stacey Bennett is the busiest musician in Northeast Florida.