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PET LOVERS' ISSUE Tuesday, June 3
OK, we get it. You all — like, every single one of you — think your pet is the cutest damn thing in Northeast Florida
THE MEME TAKES ROOT Wednesday, July 9
In defense (sort of) of Alvin Brown in the midst of an overhyped scandal
Love at First Bite Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Learn about some cuisines you might never have tried before, then dive into our complete listings
Cover story brings to mind religious prejudice, with writer saying most of the discrimination he's seen was done by atheists instead of to them
Having finished HBO’s terrific mini-series True Detective, I was inspired to revisit 1981’s True Confessions, one of that decade’s finest films with strikingly similar themes and …
Readers respond to "Obamacare Won" and "Godless in the Bible Belt" and
ARIES: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
In its quest for nectar, a hummingbird sips from about 1,000 flowers a day. As it flaps its wings 70 times a second, zipping from meal to meal, it can fly sideways, backward or forward. If it wants, …
TAURUS: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
In 1947, the super-wealthy Duke of Windsor went shopping in Paris to buy a gift for his wife, the Duchess. She already had everything she wanted, so he got creative. He commissioned luxury-goods …
GEMINI: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
Your brain absorbs about 11 million pieces of information every second, but is consciously aware of less than .001 percent of all that richness. At least that’s usually the case. Astrological omens …
CANCER: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
You have a strong, intricate understanding of where you’ve come from. The old days and old ways still offer mysterious poignancy. You don’t love every past experience, but you love thinking about …
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What was the 'Best Scandal' in Northeast Florida over the past year?
The Best of Jax ballot released on July 30 will ask this question and many more