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New York four-piece are fast becoming the darlings of the indie rock scene
How to lose the war against ISIS
Local visual artist unveils his latest assemblages and sculptures
PLAY Wednesday, April 15
Whether as a poet, playwright, performer or radio host, Al Letson continues to create work that is both engaging and thought-provoking. The 5 & Dime presents Letson’s latest play, John …
ART Wednesday, March 4
Flagler College’s art students certainly bust their asses in honing their blossoming creative disciplines, but credit must certainly go to the school’s notable faculty toiling there. The …
RAM ON IT Wednesday, March 4
Winter has left its icy mark and frosty wound on Northeast Florida, and only time will tell if we shall ever recover from those soul-piercing, frigid seven-and-three-quarter days. Celebrate the …
GREEN GENES Wednesday, March 4
If you’re having a “tempeh” tantrum due to your stoned roommate’s insistence on following you around the house while eating “Smoked Pork Tickles,” head on out to …
LESS TEST STRESS Wednesday, April 8
THE IMITATION GAME Wednesday, March 4
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the phenomenon known as the tribute act takes sincerity to a level just this side of swearing on a 10-foot stack of Bibles during a blood …
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