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Faster! Faster! Wednesday, March 19
NOTW has reported on the staggeringly large amounts of money to be made by financial trading firms that execute buys and sells even a split-second before another firm. In January, The Wall Street Journal reported the "race to zero" ("zero" being …
Troubled Water Wednesday, February 19
Four years after nearly losing his voice, Art Garfunkel and his golden tenor fly again
People With Issues Wednesday, March 19
A more ornate, dedicated subset of cross-dressers — "living dolls" or "maskers" — was captured for a British TV documentary in January (likely to appear on U.S. TV soon). "Secrets of the Living Dolls" follows ordinary men (one, a forklift …
Least Competent Criminals Wednesday, March 19
Christopher Fulton turned himself in in Midwest City, Okla., in March after seeing a surveillance photo of the robbery of an IBC Bank. He told police he indeed must be the robber, that he saw his body in the bank photo — though he insisted his …
The New Normal Wednesday, March 19
A plaintiff in an auto-accident lawsuit, who's claiming an injury that's impaired her inclination for "social activities," was ordered by a judge in Nova Scotia to prove her loss by showing a reduction in the time she spent on Facebook. Justice Glen …
Get Thee Behind Me, Janus! Wednesday, March 19
Arizona-based Christian "exorcist" Bob Larson, who claims to have performed more than 20,000 demon-expulsions, recently branched out by allegedly (in front of CNN's Anderson Cooper) cleansing a client in Norway — via the Internet-enabled phone …
Amy Schumer is just the latest comedienne to push 
edgier material in the old boys' network of comedy
Poverty Funk Wednesday, February 19
Askmeificare is taking over the world, like it or not
THE ENDLESS CYCLE Wednesday, April 16
Kids learn how to bully from adults. If you want to stop the problem, start there
HORNY HUNTING Wednesday, April 16
The billion-dollar deer-farming industry in America produces generations of bucks growing progressively larger antler racks mainly for bragging rights by so-called "hunters" who pay big bucks (pun intended) to kill them in fenced-in fields so they …
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