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HEY YOU PUNK! Wednesday, July 29
CREATIVE RELEASE Thursday, October 1
Cathedral Arts Project brings art education to incarcerated youths
The Power Meter Thursday, August 27
POWER UP: CHECKOUT THE LIBRARIES The Jacksonville Public Library has put together a plan to increase hours of operation at four branches in some of the city’s most underserved areas. To …
Where the Beers Are Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Take a tour of Northeast Florida’s microbreweries
EERIE URBANE Wednesday, September 2
Before we begin, an ironic note — I’m one of those people who never reads movie reviews until after they see the movies. Sometimes I’ll check out my favorite reviewers to see if …
Light It Up Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Meet a few of the many One Spark creators, then make your plans to see them all
BRUTAL INTENT Wednesday, September 2
There is a meme currently making the Internet rounds spoofing the many sub-genres of metal. Truth is, every genre of music has sub-genres, including rap, country, blues, R&B and even Americana …
The Power Meter Wednesday, July 29
POWER DOWN: Stone Cold SlackersThe application process to grow medical marijuana in the Sunshine State is underway, with 30 some nurseries submitting paperwork last week. However, according to …
The Power Meter Wednesday, July 29
POWER UP: St. Johns River FerryAfter Gov. Rick Scott slashed funding for the St. Johns River Ferry Mayor Curry swooped in with a proposed $900,000 line item in his new budget to keep alive the …
COOL VISUALS Thursday, October 1