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VIRGO: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
  You know what it’s like to get your mind blown. I’m sure that more than once, you’ve had your heart stolen. Have you ever had your mind stolen or your heart blown? Have …
LEO: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
The weeks before your birthday are often a good time to engage the services of an exorcist. No need to hire a pricey priest with dubious credentials; I offer my expert demon-banishing skills free. …
CANCER: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
  Since 1981, Chinese law has stipulated that every healthy person between the ages of 11 and 60 should plant three to five trees each year. This is a favorable week for Chinese Cancerians to …
GEMINI: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
  Is there an important resource you don’t have in sufficient abundance? Are you suffering from lack of an essential fuel or tool? Not a luxury it’d be nice to have or a status …
TAURUS: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
  Why do birds fly? First, that’s how they look for and procure food. Second, when seasons change and weather is cooler, they may migrate to warmer areas where there’s more to …
ARIES: July 9-15 Tuesday, July 8
What sources that heal and nourish you? Where do you go to renew yourself? Who are the people and animals that treat you best and are most likely to boost your energy? Next week, give special …
ARIES: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
Would you like your savings account to grow? Then consistently deposit money in it. Would you like to feel good, with lots of physical energy? Eat healthful food, sleep as much as you need to and exercise regularly. Do you want folks to see your best and give you the benefit of the doubt? See their best and give them the benefit of the doubt.
PISCES: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
“I awake in a land where the lovers have seized power,” writes Danish poet Morten Sondergaard in his fanciful poem The Lovers. “They have introduced laws decreeing that orgasms need never come to an end. Roses function as currency. …
AQUARIUS: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
“I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean,” said British writer G.K. Chesterton. Take that advice for your astrological cycle’s Purge & Purify Phase. In the next few weeks, you generate good fortune when you wash your brain, absolve your heart and flush shame from healthy sexual feelings.
CAPRICORN: July 2-8 Tuesday, July 1
Percival Lowell (1855-1916), an influential astronomer who launched the exploration that led to the discovery of Pluto, made some big mistakes. Gazing at Venus through his telescope, he swore he saw spokes emanating from a central hub on the planet’s surface. We now know Venus is shrouded in such thick cloud cover, no surface features are visible.
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