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VIRGO: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  When a crocodile slams its jaws shut, the energy it summons is powerful. When the beast opens its jaws, the force it exerts is weak. That’s because closing muscles are much more …
SCORPIO: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  “When one has not had a good father, one must create one,” said philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. What does that mean? How would you “create” a good father? You could …
SAGITTARIUS: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): “If I seem free, it’s because I’m always running,” said Sagittarian musician Jimi Hendrix, widely regarded as one of the most …
CAPRICORN: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  In the next 11 months, you’ll be given riddles about the art of togetherness. To solve them, you’ll have to learn more about the arts of intimacy – or else! It’s up …
AQUARIUS: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  Hypothesis: The exciting qualities that attract you to someone will probably drive you a bit crazy if you develop a long-term relationship. That doesn’t mean to avoid seeking …
PISCES: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): In 1961,  post-impressionist artist Paul Cezanne’s  painting The Artist’s Sister was on display    at a museum in …
ARIES: September 17-23 Wednesday, September 17
The horoscopes I write aren’t primarily meant to predict the future. They’re more about uncovering hidden potentials and desirable possibilities stirring below the surface. When I do my job well, I help you identify those seeds so you can cultivate them proactively. I have three questions:
TAURUS: September 17-23 Wednesday, September 17
The old Latin motto Gradu diverso, via una can be translated as either “Continuing on the same road, but with a different stride” or “Going the same way, but changing your pace.” This is excellent advice. You’re on the correct path, headed in the right direction. But you need to shift your approach a bit – just a little. Make some minor adjustments in the way you flow.
GEMINI: September 17-23 Wednesday, September 17
For years, Donna and George Lewis used a 33-pound, oval-shaped rock as a doorstop in their Tennessee home. Later they moved it to their garden. One day, George analyzed it with his metal detector and realized it had unusual properties.
CANCER: September 17-23 Wednesday, September 17
I have a radical proposal. It might offend you. You may think I’m so far off the mark you’ll stop reading my horoscopes. I’m willing to take that risk, and prepared to admit that I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. Here goes: There is a sense in which the source of your wound is potentially also the source of the “medicine” that will heal the wound.
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