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VIRGO: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
TV comedian Stephen Colbert confesses his safeword is “pumpkin patch.” Does that mean he participates in actual BDSM rituals? Is it the codeword he says when he doesn’t want the intensity to increase, when he doesn’t want the next boundary crossed? I don’t know.
LIBRA: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
“You should be interviewing roses, not people,” says a character in Anne Carson’s book The Autobiography of Red. That’s sound poetic advice in the days ahead. More than you …
SCORPIO: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
In your dreams, you may travel to Stockholm, Sweden to accept a Nobel Prize, or Hollywood to pick up an Oscar. There’s a good chance that in your sleepy-time adventures you’ll finally score with the hot babe who rejected you in high school, or go to the scene of your biggest mistake and do things right this time.
SCORPIO: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
William Shockley was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and co-inventor of the transistor. He also helped launch the information technology revolution, and was called “the man who brought silicon …
SAGITTARIUS: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
Lake Superior State University issues a “Unicorn Questing Privilege” to those interested in hunting for unicorns. Are you one? You may feel an urge like that in the weeks ahead. Unusual yearnings well up. Exotic fantasies replace habitual daydreams.
SAGITTARIUS: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
Novelist Herman Melville wrote that to create art, “unlike things must meet and mate.” Like what? “Sad patience” and “joyous energies,” for example; both are necessary, he said. …
CAPRICORN: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
Haggis is a Scottish pudding. According to the gourmet food encyclopedia Larousse Gastronomique, it has “an excellent nutty texture and delicious savory flavor.” And yet, to be honest, …
AQUARIUS: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
Almost 100 years ago, world-famous comedian Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest in San Francisco. He did his best to imitate himself, but it wasn’t good enough for the …
CAPRICORN: August 20-27 Wednesday, August 27
Your ethical code may soon be tested. What will you do if you see a chance to get away with a minor sin or petty crime no one will ever find out about? What if you’re tempted to lie, cheat or deceive to advance your good intentions and hurt others a little bit or not at all? Be honest about what’s really at stake.
PISCES: June 11-17 Wednesday, June 11
“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease,” said French philosopher Francois-Marie Voltaire. Invoke that principle in the weeks ahead. You need to be …
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