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SCORPIO: September 10-16 Wednesday, September 10
According to my astrological omen analysis, you’re currently the zodiac sign least likely to be clumsy, vulgar, awkward or prone to dumb mistakes. On the other hand, you’re the most likely to derisively accuse others of being the same ways.
SAGITTARIUS: September 10-16 Wednesday, September 10
You have cosmic permission to be bigger than life and wilder than sin. You have poetic license to be more wise than clever. Feel free to laugh longer than may seem polite and make no apologies as you spill drinks telling brash stories.
CAPRICORN: September 10-16 Wednesday, September 10
For 2,000-plus years, Chinese astronomers have understood the science of eclipses. Yet as late as the 1800s, sailors in the Chinese navy shot cannonballs toward lunar eclipses, hoping to chase away the dragons they imagined were devouring the moon.
AQUARIUS: September 10-16 Wednesday, September 10
Squirrels don’t have a great memory of where they bury their nuts. They mean to go back and dig them up later, but they lose track of many. Sometimes trees sprout from those forgotten nuts. It’s conceivable a squirrel may climb a tree it planted years earlier.
PISCES: September 10-16 Wednesday, September 10
On a German TV show, martial artist Jackie Chan performed a tough trick. Holding a raw egg in his right hand, he used that hand to smash through three separate sets of four concrete blocks.
ARIES: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  An item in prestigious British medical journal BMJ reports almost one percent of young pregnant women in the U.S. claim to be virgins. They testify they’ve conceived a fetus without …
TAURUS: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  As you weave through your story’s next chapter, take inspiration from the turtle. Imagine the turtle is your animal ally, a guide to help access the gradual, deliberate kind of …
GEMINI: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  America’s biggest winery, E&J Gallo, sells more wine than any other company; it’s been named the planet’s “Most Powerful Wine Brand” four different years. …
CANCER: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  Diamonds are not rare. They’re so plentiful, in fact, that if they were evenly distributed, everyone on the planet could each have a cupful. If you’re ever going to get your …
LEO: July 23-29 Tuesday, July 22
  According to legends about Camelot and Knights of the Round Table, the boy who’d ultimately become King Arthur didn’t know he was heir to the throne when he was growing up. His …
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