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Vibrational BEING Wednesday, May 24,17550

VOICES Carry Wednesday, June 14
Coming Out Monologues returns with more stories of empowerment from the local LGBT community
Visionary RESIDENTS Wednesday, May 17
Aaron Levi and Stevie Covart Garvey invite national contemporary artists to stay, create and network in Northeast Florida
What's Left BEHIND? Wednesday, April 19
Upstairs at The Space Gallery, artist Matthew Bennett steps over a scattering of empty coffee mugs, water bottles, used and unused painting implements and random inspirational ephemera, and reaches …
Different STAGES Wednesday, May 17
If luck is the confluence where opportunity meets preparation, then it’s clear that Idina Menzel has been going through life with the spiritual equivalent of a four-leaf clover hanging over her …
SEWN to the Sky Yesterday at 12:10 PM
Artist Gabriel Dawe uses multicolored threads to create a true “rainbow connection”
A Person of NOTE Wednesday, April 5
Not even 40 years old, and instrumentalist Dave Eggar’s music career is about as legit as it comes. A musical prodigy, Eggar began playing cello and piano at age three. By seven, he had already …
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Sing & SWING Wednesday, May 31
Jazz vocalist Charles Turner might be a Young Turk but he has some old-school flavor, too, flipping through standards like “Honeysuckle Rose” and then riffing on Eddie Jefferson’s …
Remember last July, when Trump was just a humorous soundbite and “Pokémon Go” led untold legions of people to walk into each other, oncoming traffic and off bridges in the hunt for …