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British comedy production squashes the story of the boy wizard into a fast-moving, fun show
THE ART OF COMPASSION Wednesday, March 25
Jenna Alexander translates her experience of teaching Tanzanian orphans to large-scale works
ARTS & CRAFTS Wednesday, March 25
Looking for the perfect masterpiece to hang in your baby’s room, man cave, or meth lab? The solution can be found at this year’s Old Town Art Show, a two-day fest with more than 60 …
BETWEEN THE SHEETS Wednesday, March 25
German artist Angela Glajcar creates dazzling installations constructed solely out of gigantic, hand-torn sheets of white paper. Glajcar sculpts these monumental, accordion-like pieces with a keen …
A COLORFUL LIFE Wednesday, March 18
Susan Schuenke enjoys success with her blend of nature and surrealist narratives
The Northeast Florida-based artist uses mixed-media to crack the codes of artistic and power systems
DASoTA PLAY Wednesday, March 18
The 1997 musical Violet, about a young disfigured woman who rides a bus across the country to be healed by a televangelist, is staged by students from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. The DA …
The theatrical pair join forces in the comedy "Butterflies Are Free"
Black's "The Rant Is Due: Part Deux" tour heads to UNF
ART Wednesday, March 4
Flagler College’s art students certainly bust their asses in honing their blossoming creative disciplines, but credit must certainly go to the school’s notable faculty toiling there. The …