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The Fairytale is OVER (Sorta) Wednesday, August 9
Turtle POWER Wednesday, May 31
Aisling Millar McDonald’s sculpture gives voice to Amelia Island’s most vulnerable visitors
Straight from the HEART Wednesday, June 14
Comedian Tig Notaro is a master at blending humor, humility and self-disclosure. Perhaps most famously, in 2012, mere days after being diagnosed with cancer in both breasts, Notaro spoke about the …
Two to TANGO Wednesday, May 31
Dust off that gaucho hat and those purple leather assless chaps! The Florida Chamber Music Project presents its Spring Gala, with tango music by the string quartet, tango dance instruction, heavy …
BARDcore Wednesday, July 19
The Complete Works of William Shakesspeare (abridged)
Breezin' on the BEACH Wednesday, June 7
Not unlike the music of The Grateful Dead, chocolate mint and wearing electric flip-flops, smooth jazz can be an acquired taste. But devotees of this laid-back style maintain their loyalty, one …
BELLE of the Ball Wednesday, June 7
Composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist-dramatist Oscar Hammerstein II, better known as simply Rodgers & Hammerstein, created some of the most memorable musicals of the 20th century, including The …
ABBA 4Evah Wednesday, June 14
Mamma Mia! has certainly struck a chord with audiences. It’s the story of a 20-year-old bride-to-be, who discovers she’s the daughter of one of three men—and invites all three to …
POINTED & Provocative Wednesday, August 9
Ingrid Yuzly Mathurin
Love & LAMMY Wednesday, July 5
Local author wins LGBTQ literary award