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Exhibit FORCE Wednesday, August 31
Crisp-Ellert Art Museum director Julie Dickover combines cutting-edge contemporary art and community
Legends of the Fall SEMESTER Wednesday, August 31
Northeast Florida’s college art professors on instruction and inspiration
The STICK UP Wednesday, August 31
Indie curatorial team Danger Tape offers a DIY alternative to the local gallery scene
My FLASH on You Wednesday, September 28
DIY group show What The What?!?! explores the indescribable moment of experiencing visual art
ACTING Up Wednesday, September 7
We offer a sampling of must-see upcoming theater
The ALCHEMY of Art Wednesday, October 5
Dustin Harewood mixes up the media to create resonant works uniting creative energies
Beyond REAL Wednesday, October 5
Bro, Do You Even DADA? Thursday, September 22
Author and UGA professor on the indelible mark of the incendiary, early 20th-century art movement
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Northeast Florida's most comprehensive guide to the fall arts and entertainement season
A RIVER RUNS THROUGH US Wednesday, August 3
St. Johns River inspired installation reminds us that humans are pretty trashy