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Historical scope and Hollywood scandal inform the work of local poet Teri Youmans Grimm
British comedy production squashes the story of the boy wizard into a fast-moving, fun show
ON THE ROAD Wednesday, May 13
The latest exhibit at MOCA offers a fascinating photographic travelogue of 1970s’ American South
Black's "The Rant Is Due: Part Deux" tour heads to UNF
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Group Show at CoRK
From solo standup to SNL, the comic has his feet placed firmly in the contemporary comedy scene
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Popular genre/voice actor Phil LaMarr is no stranger to the colorful realm of fan cons
A COLORFUL LIFE Wednesday, March 18
Susan Schuenke enjoys success with her blend of nature and surrealist narratives
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The Northeast Florida-based artist uses mixed-media to crack the codes of artistic and power systems