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A LOVE Supreme Wednesday, March 8
Tricia Booker's memoir is a candid, heartfelt account of the struggles and joys of family life
Tempo HOUSE Wednesday, January 4
Ann Toebbe explores the universal emotional movements and rhythms of tenancy, reverie and time
Laughing on the OUTSIDE Wednesday, February 15
Local standup and Hot Potato Comedy Hour host Chris Buck on his insular approach to inciting laughter
Narrative HOOK Wednesday, February 1
Humorist-author-podcaster-TV-fave John Hodgman adds orchestral performer to his “unearned prominence”
Flying Colors Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Northeast Florida's most comprehensive guide to the fall arts and entertainement season
The MIDDLE Pillar Wednesday, March 1
Jamie Isenstein explores polarities and what is between the opposites
Just PLUCKY Wednesday, March 1
Laugh Now, Laugh LATER Wednesday, January 18
Comedy legend Billy Crystal brings his autobiographical one-man show to Jacksonville
Kicking into a NEW YEAR on Stage Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Jacksonville stages will offer no shortage of storylines in 2017
See EMILY Play Wednesday, January 4