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ZAP, KAPOW! Wednesday, August 22
This month, St. Johns River State College’s Thrasher-Horne Center kicks off the season with its new, thrice-annual arts extravaganza, Thursdays @ Thrasher.
The Business Of Art Wednesday, August 15
Creatives entrepreneur symposium
Sisterhood and Empowerment Wednesday, August 8
Douglas Anderson student Qwyn Cephus directs "The Vagina Monologues"
"Allegro & Allonge" Wednesday, August 8
Celebration of the art of movement, beauty and form
Bodegas & Salsa Wednesday, August 1
It’s the hottest day of the summer and Graffiti Pete is up to his tricks, but Usnavi de la Vega ain’t having it.
Say Cheese Wednesday, August 1
What can it mean to document a city as vibrant and contradictory as the city that sits on the shores of the Nile of North America?
Pulling the Trigger Wednesday, August 1
Jacksonville’s 5 & Dime has built a reputation for bringing edgy theater to Duval County, and its new offering upholds the tradition.
A SEXY Problem To Have Wednesday, July 25
Studio Zsa Zsa LaPree showcases erotic art
The Alpha & Omega Wednesday, July 25
An act of God
"FUN" In Funeral Wednesday, July 25
Cirque Du Soleil's Corteo