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Hope on the Horizon Wednesday, June 20
Arriving actors are forced to maneuver between paint buckets and under ladders as they filter into the theater for rehearsal.
The Importance of Pragmatism Wednesday, June 13
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
History in the Making Wednesday, June 13
Juneteenth is the annual celebration of the freeing of enslaved people in Texas on June 19, 1865 ... word traveled slowly of General Robert E. Lee's April 9, 1865 surrender.
Art Is Life Wednesday, June 6
Nevelson once famously said, “my work is a mirror of my consciousness” insomuch as that is true for any artist, Nevelson is remarkable for the position she occupies as one of the four …
Surprising Slumber Wednesday, June 6
Try not to make an ass of yourself (ha)!
Abundance Instead Of Scarcity Wednesday, June 6
The format is fairly standard: Take the subject matter, find an intelligent, visceral approach to connect your audience to that subject matter, followed by a structural framework delivered through a …
Waves in Sunshine Thursday, May 31
Gary Monroe discusses the legacy of the self-taught African-American painters of Florida landscapes, who have helped define art in the Sunshine State for more than 50 years.
Family Meal Thursday, May 31
James F. Webb III's original work, part of PBTS's New Voices Program, looks at family secrets and their keepers and how both can change radically over time.
How the World Ends Thursday, May 31
A selection of excerpts from Wagner's masterpiece Götterdämmerung, the final tale in the series Der Ring des Nibelungen, based on ancient Germanic gods, their all-too-human shortcomings and …
PlayPlay for Real Real Wednesday, May 30
The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum's current multimedia exhibition PlayPlay explores the roles games play in human development from childhood into adulthood.