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We Came as Romans talks about its dream tour, differences in playing U.S. vs. Europe


Hailing from Troy, Mich., We Came As Romans features an interplay of clean singing and brutal screaming vocals over punchy guitar riffs, tight drumming and electronic sections. Vocalists Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone and guitarist Joshua Moore spoke with Folio Weekly before their set on the opening day of Welcome to Rockville.

F.W.: Your latest album, “Tracing Back Roots,” came out in July 2013, what do you think is different about this album, in relation to “To Plant a Seed” or “Dreams EP”?

D.S.: It’s definitely more melodic. We went with a different producer this time. On our last two records, we used Joey Sturgis. This time around we went with John Feldman. Feldman is so focused on melodies and stuff like that, so it really shines through.

F.W.: Are you currently writing?

D.S.: We’re brainstorming some ideas, but nothing too crazy right now. We’re still on the album cycle for “Tracing Back Roots," so we’re still focused on touring.

F.W.: When you do write, do you usually set aside some time to write or do you work on ideas on the road?

J.M.: It’s kind of both. Usually we’re on the road, and we’re kind of crunched, you know? But we’ll start pulling out ideas and stuff like that. Then we’ll take those ideas and work on them in rehearsal. Hopefully, on the next record we’ll be able to sit down and work things out together, like we did on the last one.

F.W. When touring, do you prefer to play big festival shows like Welcome to Rockville, or do you prefer the smaller, more intimate club shows?

K.P.: Both have their ups and downs. We like the smaller shows, because we get to see our fans close up. But we also like the bigger shows at the same time, because we like seeing all the energy, and it pulls in new fans too.

F.W.: Do you notice any difference between the shows you play here and your international tours?

D.S.: They like to circle pit a lot in Europe. They’ll circle pit to anything. It could be a slow, like, waltz, and they’ll do a circle pit.

F.W.: Do you have to call it out, or do they just start doing it?

D.S.: Yeah, you call it out. I could be talking for a long time, they could not understand a single word I say, and as soon as I say “circle pit," they know. Their ears perk up.

F.W.: What are your plans for the festival today? Any bands on the bill you’re excited to see?

K.P.: I’m excited to see Avenged Sevenfold and Chevelle. We’ll probably hang with our buddies in Memphis May Fire and have a few drinks and just enjoy the day.

D.S. Where we’re from, it’s not this nice yet, so we’re enjoying it while we can. It’s gonna be a hot one.

F.W.: Any artists you haven’t toured with yet that you’d want to?

D.S.: Linkin Park. That’d be our dream tour, if they took us out. I think their fans would really like us.

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