Turn Your Purpose Into Profits & Brilliant Biz Idea Workshops

Joni Roberts
Event Date
Saturday, September 14, 2013
Event Location
Peaceful Living Center
1250 S. McDuff Ave. (Avondale)
Jacksonville, FL
Joni Roberts,
Additional Info
10 a.m.-noon and
12:30-2:30 p.m.


10am - 12pm

Are you craving more meaning in your work? Do you have a dream you would like to act on but are not sure how to get started? Would you like to gain clarity on what your purpose is and discover ways to express this through your current job, a new company or social cause?

Today the Information Age has empowered people to engage like never before. Connected to this is the Age of Purpose. More and more people are expressing their unique talents while making a positive impact on their communities.

This workshop will help you clarify your purpose then tie that to a mission statement and viable business model. You will learn how to gently release the old and invite the new with ease and grace and start taking steps to make it real!


All great companies start with an idea and bad ideas are the number one reason for business failure. Save yourself time, money and energy by going through this unique 10-step process for evaluating your ideas and seeing which ones have the highest potential for success. Success is measured not just in profits, but also in matching your values, lifestyle and passions.

Join Joni Roberts for these inspiring workshop. Joni is a MBA professor, strategy expert and international entrepreneur who embraces a holistic approach to business by combining spiritual, emotional, intellectual, personal and societal values when creating companies. Joni is the founder of Evolution Connection and the creator of the only Mini MBA for Changemakers.

CONTRIBUTION: $20 each session or $40 for both



Tags: purpose, entrepreneur, start up, holistic, empowerment, business
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