The Search for Self

Google has the answers


“Google,” the verb, wasn’t added to “Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary” until 2007, but Internet users have been “Googling” for years, looking for dirt on friends, enemies, crushes, exes, bosses, even the creepy guy next door. But how many of us actually Google ourselves? As a Googling addict, I learn things about myself every time I do a search.

Of course, I already know that I live in Jacksonville. I’m a freelance writer and have a blog. And I graduated from Sandalwood High School in 19-mumble, mumble with Virginia Mills and Kevin Porter (yes, the Kevin Porter). There are links to my Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in accounts, evidence of my domination of Jacksonville's 2012 Dancing With the Stars (not really) and oodles of celebrity stalker alerts.

There are also a variety of things I didn't know about myself (or had conveniently forgotten) like, I clearly did not wow attendees with my presentation on "Creative Freelance Writing" at the UNF Writers Conference since I have not been invited back since 2009. I came in 139th place in the 2012 St. Patrick's Day 5K. And I'm ignorant, intolerant and hateful, and my writing is juvenile and insipid. On the bright side, thinks I should "join in a tournament of the greatest blogs on the Internet" and finds some of my articles "so well written [they] look like poetry."

Then there are those details that are just plain wrong starting with the fact that I'm male. I live in a former gay bar. And, at first glance, I'm dead.

If you want to know more about how to, ahem, Google yourself, check out these websites: 

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