Ta-da! It's TED!

The global phenomenon arrives in Jacksonville


Chances are you’ve at least heard of TED.

No, I’m not referring to JFK’s brother or the guy who sang “Cat Scratch Fever” or the Unibomber or the foul-mouthed, beer-guzzling stuffed bear from that movie with Mark Wahlberg. I’m talking about TED, the global non-profit that brings together some of the most creative, accomplished and fascinating thinkers and doers to speak on topics as diverse as the participants themselves.

Founded in 1984 as a conference to unite leaders and visionaries in the fields of Technology, Entertainment, Design, TED has expanded to topics as broad as psychology and race and as specific as origami and cyborgs. (Not to name drop but Bill Gates, Bono, Colin Powell and T. Boone Pickens are a few of the “remarkable people” who have delivered “riveting talks” at TED events.)

TEDx Jacksonville, an independently organized program, hosts its own conference “Connecting Currents” on October 26. Presenters include internationally-recognized Afghan artist Aman Mojadidi ("Geography of Self") and Matt Rutherford, the first person in history to complete a non-stop, singlehanded voyage around North and South America ("Tales From the Ocean's Garbage Patch"), as well as local visionaries former UN ambassador Nancy Soderberg ("A New Global Compact") and JCCI president and CEO Ben Warner ("New Models for Civic Engagement"). 

Seeking creative people who care about our city and our planet, event organizers promise a unique opportunity to “deconstruct, decipher and explore challenges, innovation and realities that shape and are shaped by the currents flowing through our city.” 

What they don't promise, however, is a seat. Applications are being accepted for audience members, and the event is expected to sell out. Final invitations will be sent October 6, but don't delay. TED is waiting.

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