Should Internet Cafes Be Regulated or Prohibited in Florida?


After years of little action, the Florida Legislature now seems to be on a fast track to curbing Internet cafes, or more appropriately, gaming centers. With the announcement of multiple conspiracy, money laundering and racketeering charges against 57 people who were involved with Internet café operator Allied Veterans of the World, all of these businesses are now under the microscope.

Read more about the charges here.

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Internet cafes should be regulated in Florida because they can possibly be a good business and non-profit. I have tried one (non-related to Allied Veterans) a few times in affiliation with a hotel and cancer research proceeds. Some people have mentioned using Internet Cafes because of convenience rather than a library (those who do not have a card due to being non-local). Also, Internet Cafe's seem to light up some night's sky and some risky communities, with their sense of a place of commune, relaxing, and hopes, where if they were not present there might be more tendency of crime in the area. Thursday, March 21, 2013|Report this