Should I Get a Big iPhone 4S or a Big iPhone 5?


Q: I have a small, 16GB model iPhone 4S. I’m at the end of my contract, and I want to get one that can hold more music and apps. Should I buy a bigger iPhone 4S or spend the extra hundred or so and get a new, larger iPhone 5?

A: You should get the iPhone 5. Why? You don’t really have a choice. If you want a new iPhone with a more capacity, you have to buy the latest and greatest iPhone. Apple only sells the current generation, the iPhone 5, in 16, 32 and 64 GB models. Apple sells last year’s model, the iPhone 4S, in only the 16 GB size, and the model from two years ago, the iPhone 4, in the 8 GB size. They’ve followed this pattern for the last few years. You could pick up a larger used 4S online, but you’ll probably get a lot more life out of a new iPhone 5. Each time that iOS gets updated, (the operating system that iPhones run on) it usually only supports phones that are three generations old or less. So, the newer phone will most likely get the latest features and be able to run the latest apps longer. 

Also, something to keep in mind is that Apple typically releases a new iPhone in the summer or in the fall. If you can be patient until then, you can save that upgrade for the iPhone 6, or iPhone 5S, or whatever they call the 2013 model of the iPhone. Since they have stuck to the same pricing plan that I described above, you will probably be able to get the latest technology for the same price as last years tech, if you just wait a few months.

If none of that matters to you, I would still recommend the iPhone 5. Because it has an aluminum back instead of a glass one and a saphire crystal lens on the camera, the iPhone 5's construction is much more durable than the iPhone 4S. 

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