Sidestepped the Truth

The mystery surrounding the Zachariah Tipton killing is unnerving. So was your article [Cover Story, “Die to Ride,” Derek Kinner, July 16]. I suggest doing a rewrite in a fictional vein, and change the names of the groups. Instead of “sanctioned motorcycle clubs,” substitute “inner-city drug gangs.” The Outlaws, Hell’s Angels, Banditos and Iron Horsemen are not country clubs where middle-aged white men hang out to broker the next gentrification plan for a downtown neighborhood. They are drug-dealing, murderous, criminal gangs with well-documented histories of violence that continue far past the adoption of “code agreements” in the 1980s relative to patch colors. The details of Mr. Tipton’s murder are still shrouded in secrecy, and I understand the concern you might have had in taking a stronger stand with respect to the known criminal element of bike gangs. But the truth is clear, and you sidestepped it a bit.

Mike Clark

Voice of the People

Congratulations on your courage to expose the obscene corporate takeover of the city of Jacksonville by businessman Kahn and his “minor-league” football team [Cover Story, “19 Things We Could Have Done Instead of Build Shad Khan’s Scoreboards,” Jeffrey C. Billman and Susan Cooper Eastman, July 30]. Forty million dollars in public money to a billionaire that will benefit only the rich who get to view his screens and swim in his pool while libraries close and jobs are impossible to find is truly an example of the “let them eat cake” attitude of the top 1 percent in this country, which has the biggest gap between rich and poor in the developed world. Just like the ridiculous and totally unsubstantiated “trickle-down” economics of the Republicans, I’ve been told of all the jobs and money that the losing Jaguars bring to our area. Of course this is not true, just as lowering taxes on rich people does not create jobs or benefit the poor. This is yet another example of the power of lies, propaganda and money in buying off democracy. Thank you for being the only voice of the people in this poorly educated and overly propagandized community.

Professor S.L. Stoll

God Not Pleased, Loves the Jags

I’m never reading Folio Weekly again … worst article I’ve ever read [“19 Things”]. May God have mercy on your soul.

William Taylor Meyer, via Twitter

Shame on You

This is purely propaganda and the yellow journalist knows it [“19 Things”]. Of the 19 things mentioned, only the Adams-class museum could fit in the allowable projects with bed tax monies. All of the rest of the list is baiting the argument. Based on the positive response nationally, it’s hard to argue with the impact [the scoreboards] have already made. And the story should loudly point out that they cost the local taxpayer zero, zip, nothing. It is all paid by visitors. What a sham this article was. Shame on you.

Doug Ganson, via

The Cost of Vision

Let’s look at it from this angle [“19 Things”]: What if one of Jacksonville’s very own made an offer to contribute, say, $5 million of his personal money to help restore the long-neglected Hogan’s Creek promenade? He would ask that the city contribute the additional two-thirds and under the condition that he was allowed to profit from it for five to six months out of the year by hosting special events. The city would have the same opportunities for the remaining months.

Would there be outrage and contempt? Probably not, but essentially it’s the same thing. The difference is that I don’t see any of our “oh-so-esteemed, altruistic” citizens stepping up for a park. It took an outsider with some vision to get this done at the stadium, and he’s not stopping there, but there’s a cost for vision and follow-through.

I guess we could always continue paying (from city coffers, mind you) for feasibility study after feasibility study after feasibility study and always wonder what could have been. Climb that damn mountain!

Tony Sottile, via Facebook

Clap Harder

We are very lucky to have the Jags and Shad Kahn [“19 Things”]; count your blessings and keep it positive. This town must advance toward its potential and we have slipped for decades. Why drive division into the first small bit of progress of late?

Victor Jones, via Facebook

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