Post Revolutionary Blues (ONESPARK)

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A rousing film about the meteoric rise of music in Libya during the revolution. PLEASE VOTE FOR #625 at ONESPARK.

Libya, February, 2011. The Arab Spring has started. The people of Libya revolt against the brutal regime of Moammar Gaddafi. Amidst the dust and ashes of revolution, a dazzling bloom appears. The message of defiance erupts out of the once silent population in the form of music. The voices of the people, who are shot, bloodied and wounded, are heard above the din of war. Through 42 years of oppression, of fear, and of imprisonment – not just of the body but of the mind – Gaddafi could still not completely destroy the human spirit. The music is astounding in its diversity – traditional folk, hip hop, heavy metal, rock, blues, and even country. Rousing music inspires the people with its universal message of human rights and brings hope to the freedom fighters.

But when freedom is won, the singing voices, that are such a driving force during the revolution, go silent, caught in cultural stagnation and political conflict.

POST-REVOLUTIONARY BLUES is a film about the rise and fall of the music scene in revolutionary Libya, and the effort to revive the spirit by exposing the music to a world-wide audience. Will the music scene thrive once again like a desert bloom in the spring, or will it remain mired in Post-Revolutionary Blues?

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