One Sweet Reality

Colorful candy shop launches a show on CW 17


In the past few years, reality shows have taken over television. With every channel change comes a different version of what “reality” is.

Luckily for Jacksonville, reality is pretty sweet.  

Sweet Pete’s, a natural canning and sweet treat shop located in the historic district of Springfield, will now be known for more than its delicious candies. CW 17 has decided to make a show called, "Sweet Pete’s: The Show." It will highlight the in and outs and ups and downs of building a small business, all while maintaining the entertainment factor with a colorful cast.

Pete Behringer, son of Peterbrooke Chocolatier’s founders and co-owner of Sweet Pete’s, said he owes the recent deal with CW 17 to another local show.

“We were featured on a local show over here in Jacksonville, and the executive producer spent the day … with us and she liked what we were doing and thought, ‘We need to have cameras over here in this place because you people are crazy.’ … The rest is history,” he said.

For most people, having cameras following them around would put them in a frenzy; constantly worrying about how their hair looked, if there was anything in their teeth or what mom would think. But for Behringer and the cast, it became part of their everyday life.

“At first, it’s very strange. It’s a very strange sensation. But it’s not long before that feeling goes away, and you’re just doing your business, you’re going about your daily routine, you’re not really thinking about it, at least, I wasn’t. … I think [for] most of the people here, it just got to be natural,” Behringer said.

So who are “the people?” The cast is made up of co-owners and spouses, Peter and Allison Behringer; business partner Dane Baird; candymaker Demetric Nathan; shop manager Ericka Woods and decorator Christopher Cahill.

Each of these characters also has a nickname that represents the role they play in the show and business. For instance, Dane is the “Politician of Candy,” Allison is known as the “Boss Lady,” and Ericka is the “Miracle Worker,” because Behringer said she has done amazing things for the store.  

In addition to the colorful cast, there's, of course, the candy. It's all made in a renovated, brightly painted Victorian-style house. “A candy store of your dreams that’s come to life,” Behringer said.

The show features the store during some of its busiest seasons like Valentine’s Day. According to Behringer, viewers will also see activities like field trips and candy-making classes.

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