Northeast Florida Artists Shake it Up at Art Basel

Florida Mining Gallery's Steve Williams unites dozens of area artists with 'North of Modern' in Miami


The 12th annual Art Basel in Miami Beach was met with more enthusiasm and communal excitement than ever before. Outside of the main event at the convention center was an endless landscape of street art, galleries, pop up shows and other major fairs.

The Moksha family art fair, which takes place at 7th Circuit Studio in little Haiti, is a high point every year. A heady tribute to Terrance McKenna, "Return To The Dreamtime," featured a live reading by Dennis McKenna and a film made by Ken Adams with wildly psychedelic computer graphics and a cosmic, earthy soundtrack woven into video-taped interviews with Terrance dating back to 1989.

Alex Grey presented an original spoken word piece accompanied by didgeridoo, percussion and electronic loops. North Florida's own electronic jam outfit Greenhouse Lounge played the main Moksha event on Saturday night, which included live painting by Alex and Allyson Grey, Mark Henson and others.

Florida Mining Gallery owner and artist Steve Williams succeeded in unifying dozens of ambitious North Florida artists to a produce a multi-building, multi-media art experience called "North of Modern." Partnering with Global Investments and Majestic Properties, Florida Mining Gallery was able to transform six unused and abandoned retail spaces and curate a high quality pop-up art shop.

A theme of re-purposing unused space into social centers seemed to prevail and was perhaps best expressed in Kedgar Volta's installation "Urban Impositions" and Quintron & Miss Pussycat's wild set, which took place in deep in recesses of the abandoned building.

The "North of Modern" presentation and Moksha's Return to the Dreamtime prove that grassroots efforts and teamwork involved in more intimate art fairs are a refreshing oasis in an untamed wilderness of hype and hysteria that often abound in the art world.

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