Nadine Kalachnikoff ~ Butterflies

Event Date
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Event Location
CoRK Arts District
2689 Rosselle Street
Jacksonville, FL
Additional Info
6 p.m.-8 p.m..

Nadine Kalachnikoff, accompanied by her husband famed Swedish interior designer Lars Bolander, will open her spring collection Butterflies. Influenced by her creative upbringing - which includes the likes of Dali, Warhol and Hemingway - Nadine has created a butterfly celebration on canvas. Shadowboxed in lucite, the three-dimensional collages are composed of feather butterflies, papyrus and acrylic canvas. Half alighted on the canvas or clustered in dizzying swarms, the butterflies seem ready to spring into full flight. Utilizing texture, tone and composition, each canvas creates a visual dance. There is gaiety in her work, a sense of temporality, movement, and fluctuation.

Tags: butterflies, nadine, pitt, kalachnikoff, cork, lars, bolander, exhibition
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