Love Brigade

Jacksonville native wants to relaunch her clothing line


After being away from Jacksonville for more than 10 years, Alyssa Key is returning, and she's bringing her clothing line with her. Key is using One Spark to help launch the process of moving her business from Brooklyn, N.Y. Love Brigade and its creators have been on a one-year sabbatical, and Key is ready to kick back into gear.

“For me personally I really want to kick back into gear with One Spark. It is such an awesome opportunity that I have never seen in Jacksonville in my lifetime,” Key said.

A former Douglass Anderson School of the Arts student, Key went to college in England and spent the last seven years in New York City. Love Brigade had multiple stores in New York, and the products were sold around the world. This time around, Key wants to stay away from having her own stores and put the focus on collaborating with other local artists.

“I really want to curate and form a bigger fashion community. It is here, but people don’t have resources or access,” said Key.

Jacksonville models, photographers, show coordinators and make-up artists have worked with Love Brigade.

Her goal is to have a new collection up by the end of 2013. She describes the line as moving from being a little darker to fun and playful, but still very edgy. She will also add a children’s line called Baby Brigade.

“I made it kind of an internal policy when we started the company that we would only do things in Jacksonville that were charity related or supported the arts. We’ve stuck to that,” Key said.

Key describes Love Brigade’s audience as an army of passionate people. Through Love Brigade, Key strives to inspire and work with other artists who are passionate about their work. 

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