Logos a Go-Go ... and a No-No

Ranking the city's non-Jags team logos

1. Jacksonville Sharks

The good: "It looks intimidating." "I'd wear that on a T-shirt."

The bad: "The blood is gross."
2. Jacksonville University Dolphins

The good: "Clean and simple." "Classic."

The bad: "The fish looks kind of dead the way it's flopped there."

NOTE: If you are going to insult my alma mater's logo, you should at least know that a dolphin is a mammal not a fish. Look it up.
3. University of North Florida Ospreys

The good: "It's simple. I like it."

The bad: "That bird is scary!" "They don't have birds like that on campus do they?"
4. Jacksonville Suns

The good: "Definitely the most professional looking." "Very recognizable."

The bad: "Is that the Raisin Bran mascot's evil twin?" "Cheesy."
5. Jacksonville Roller Girls

The good: "Reminds me of the St. Pauli girl."

The bad:Too busy." "Looks like a lot of effort but immature design ability."
6. Jacksonville Giants

The good: "Um, it's colorful..."

The bad: "It's almost good but is, instead, bad." "The guy looks like he's holding pom-poms."
7. Jacksonville Axemen

The good(?): "Rugby players are hot."

The bad: "Tacky." "The ball look like it ate too much spicy food and is running to the bathroom." "This one is the worst because of its sheer audacity."
8. Florida State College BlueWave

The good(?): "I thought they were the Stars."

The bad: "It looks like it reads 'Blue Cuave' or 'Blue Culave.'" "We get that it’s supposed to represent a wave but what's with the yellow? Is that supposed to be pee in the ocean?"
9. Jacksonville Breeze

The good(?): "WTF is the Breeze?"

The bad: "Did Stevie Wonder design this?" "Looks like an ESPN logo." "Women play football in their underwear and this is the best they could do?"

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Clearly, the national media is never, ever, never, ever going to give the Jacksonville Jaguars a break. It’s bad enough the team suffers 24/7 criticism of the coach, players, draft choices, management and fans, but now their uniforms have become the object of national ridicule. recently named the Jags uni the worst—not only in the NFL but also MLB, NBA and NHL.

While I disagree with rankings (the St. Louis Cardinals are the best?), the article did get me thinking about the city’s other sports teams and how their team logos stack up against each other.
That said, I sought out more than 50 people, ranging from graphic designers to lawyers to reality TV junkies who don’t know the difference between a touchdown and a homerun, to participate in a highly unscientific poll ranking the logos of the Axemen, Breeze, Giants, Roller Girls, Sharks and Suns, as well as FSCJ,’s JU’s and UNF’s athletic teams. Which logo was the clear winner and one that participants would be proud to wear and which one begged the question: “Did Stevie Wonder design this?” 
Check the photo gallery above for the winners, losers and comments from the peanut gallery.
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