LEO: June 26-July 2


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Gertrude Stein was an innovative writer. Many illustrious artists were her friends, but she had an overly elevated conception of her own worth. "Think of the Bible and Homer," she said, "think of Shakespeare and think of me." On another occasion, she proclaimed, "Einstein was the creative philosophic mind of the century, and I have been the creative literary mind of the century." Do you know anyone like Stein? In my opinion, we're all a bit like Stein. Each of us has at least one inflated idea about ourselves – a conceited self-conception that doesn't match reality. I confronted my egotistical delusions a few weeks ago. Now it's time for you to deal with yours. Don't be hard on yourself, though. Recognize the inflation, laugh and move on.

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