Kids and Teens Safety Class @ Studio Jear Group Fitness

This is a NO NEVER! Never approach or speak to a stranger in a car!
Not every stranger is scary looking! Some strangers look nice or pretty! They're still strangers!
Event Dates
Saturday, November 16, 2013 through Saturday, November 30, 2013
Event Location
Studio Jear Group Fitness
11760 Marco Beach Dr., Suite #3
Jacksonville, Florida
Studio Jear, (904)
551-0459 /
Additional Info
1:00 pm - 2:00pm | 7
– 12 years of age
– $3.00 per child
| 13 – 18 years of
age - $5.00 per


Must pre-register. Call Studio Jear @ (904) 551-0459 or email us at / 2 age groups with SEPARATE & SIMULTANEOUS classes! Question & answer periods included.

Studio Jear's Martial Arts Expert - Al Marshall gives a class of awareness & self defense for our young people. Education is the key on teaching your child how to stay safe, what to do in dangerous situations. This class will give them awareness and a gateway for parents / caretakers to have discussions with them on this all important topic. Here are some of the topics Al will be teaching the kids:

7 – 12 years of age group:

Strangers– the do’s and don’t’s.

What to do if grabbed by a stranger (physical & mental tactics).

Educating parents – code words, putting your child at ease to talk to you about any topic.

Bullies– how to confront them safely and how to ask for help

Social Media

13 – 18 years of age group:

Studio Jear's Martial Arts Expert - Al Marshall gives a class of awareness, prevention and control. Learn to stay calm in the middle of a storm, special combat techniques & skill sets. Bullying (includes cyber bullying) / stay safe on the internet). Techniques when confronted by peers or adults to keep you safe!

How did I get in this situation; how do I get out of it?

One wrong decisions in seconds can last a lifetime. Drugs; how to avoid the “peer pressure” trap.

I don’t want to be a snitch; what now?

This adult is acting kinda crazy / I feel cornered. Now what?

Studio Jear values our community's most precious commodity -- our young people -- sign your child / young person up TODAY!

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