NOTW has seen the extraordinary discomfort some women embrace just to be able to wear a certain pair of designer shoes. The number and ingenuity of foot doctors serving such women has recently grown. An April New York Times report noted Beverly Hills podiatrist Ali Sadrieh offers a Perfect 10! procedure (aesthetic toe-shortening), a Model T (toe-lengthening) and Foot Tuck (a foot-padding for high-heel pain). New York’s Dr. Oliver Zong treats High Heel Foot (when the foot conforms to the shape of a stiletto) and Hitchhiker’s Toe (an abnormally large big toe sticking out like a thumb). Some patients get to the point right away, Sadrieh said, bringing in specific cherished shoes and asking which foot-retrofitting procedure would work (though Zong said he turned down one woman who said she’d be OK with nine toes if that’s what it took).

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